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Regional Transportation Planning Agency Guidebook

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Template for Employee Handbook

0.   Table of Contents
1.   Introduction Outline
2.   Responsibilities Outline
3.   HR Emp Practices Outline
4.   TPA Standards Outline
5.   Benefit Highlights Outline
6.   Time Off Outline
7.   Pay Practices Outline
8.   HR Discipline Outline
9.   Grievance Outline
10. Classification Plan Outline
11. Professional Development Outline
12. Separation of Employment Outline
13. Supplemental Policies




Personnel Policies and Procedures

0.   Personnel Policies Index
1.   Business Use of Personal Cell Phones
2.   Catastrophic Leave
3.   Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
4.   Employment of Spouses Domestic Partners
5.   Ergonomics
6.   Family Care and Medical Leave
7.   Flexible Work Schedule
8.   Heat Illness Prevention
9.   Injury and Illness Prevention
10. Sexual Harassment and Complaint Procedures
11. Standard of Conduct
12. Substance Abuse
13. Technology and Electronic Resources
14. Teleworking Outside of the Office
15. Travel and Timesheet Documentation
16. Vehicle Safety and Usage
17. Violence in the Workplace
18. Whistleblower's Complaint Procedures

AMBAG Employee Handbook
RTPA Employee Handbook Template

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