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Regional Transportation Planning Agency Guidebook

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Procurement Decision Tree
Procurement Manual

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1 Sole Source Approval Form 17 Notice of Intent to Enter Negotiations with Another Proposer
2 Procurement Requisition Form 18 Notice to Short-Listed Proposers
3 Standard of Conduct Policy 19 Notice to Proposers Not Making Short-List
4 Contractor’s Statement of Experience and Financial Condition 20 Request for Cost Proposal
5 Protest Procedures for Procurements 21 Post-Award Notice to Unsuccessful Proposers
6 Recommendation for the Selection of a Contractor Memo Template 22 Notice to Proceed
7 Evaluator (Consultant/Contractor Evaluation Committee) Guidelines 23 Independent Cost Estimate (ICE) Justification
8 Declaration Concerning Conflicts for Evaluators    23a Independent Cost Estimate (ICE) Justification for Small Procurements
9 Sample Cost Proposal    23b Independent Cost Estimate (ICE) Justification for Project-Specific/Regulated-Rate Procurements
10 Method of Procurement Selection Form (MOPS) 24 Independent Cost Estimate Scope of Work, Summary, and Staffing Plan
11 Responsive Bidder/Proposer Checklist for RFP/RFQ 25 Limited Competition Approval Form
12 Bid Summary 26 Procurement Closeout and Encumbrance Liquidation
13 Subconsultant List    26a Contracts, Task Orders and Job Orders - Close-Out Instructions
14 U/DBE Information
   26b AMBAG Consultant Performance Evaluation Tool
   14a Bidders List    
   14b Local Agency U/DBE Commitment Form 27 Record of Negotiation
   14c DBE/UDBE Information – Good Faith Efforts Form 28 On-Call Task Order Firm Selection Form
   14d U/DBE & SB Monthly Participation Progress Report 29 Purchasing Schedule Worksheet
   14e Final Report – Utilization of Underutilized/Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and Small Business, First-Tier Subconsultants 30 Contract Payment Type Selection Form
15 Solicitation Notification 31 Purchase Order Checklist
16 Notice of Intent to Award 32 DBE Complaint Procedures and DBE Complaint Process Description for Staff
  16a IFB Notice of Intent to Award 33 Cost Analysis Form
  16b Notice of Intent to Award RFP’s 34 Price Analysis
    35 Credit Card Charges Summary